Hi everyone, K is back. The previous weeks have been quite chaotic for me as I had to scramble through the final semester exam. Luckily, hard work paid off. Now I’m back.

This post would mark the end of this series “A MUN ODYSSEY”. This series is by far one of the most dedicated series. It is a little bit sad that the journey has come to and end. However, I would be back with a whole new series, make sure to follow it. Now, let’s jump right into the last part, “WHAT MODEL UNITED NATIONS HAS TAUGHT ME”

1/ You can learn anything

I know this may sound nonsense and impossible but it is true that you have the ability to learn anything you can. Take my case as an example, before my first MUN conference, my background in politics and international relations was literally zero. I found reading newspaper a waste of time. I literally did not give a f*** on what was happening around the world. Going to a Model United Nations conference was quite a reckless decision at that time.

Unsurprisingly, I had little knowledge about what was actually going on in the conference. “Being clueless” was the exact word to describe my situation there. Most of you would probably experience that feeling so no worries =))))

After that first MUN, I was inspired to learn about politics and stuff. To attend more MUN, of course, but also in that conference, seeing people talking about things I did not know about made me kinda curious in those issues too. I guess I just have a passion for learning new things.

To be honest, at first it was very difficult. There are too many topics to cover and I had absolutely no idea where to start with. It seemed like everything was out of my reach. Luckily, I did what most people had done, to ask for help. Some of my friends knew a lot, so I asked for their advice. They introduced me to several worth-reading books on these topics for beginners as well as tips on how to think politically. I have to say that they have been a great source of help for me.

What I learnt is that you need to establish a solid foundation in any circumstance. Don’t just jump right into the “try hard” ones, be slow. Everything takes time, and the moment you have overcome that certain period, you begin to feel like: “Maybe it is not that hard.” Once you get a grasp of fundamental principles, things then started to get easier. Remember that not everything is gonna be easy, they can be extremely difficult up to the extent that you wish you had given up. Sometimes giving up is an appropriate choice. However, if you feel like it’s worth trying one more, then keep moving forward. Also, you have to realize that it is not wrong asking for help, you are not expected to accomplish everything on your own.

2/ No matter who you are, people will see you based on what you do

Stepping into my first MUN conference, I was afraid that people would just think of me as a fat guy with terrible English. However, after daring to raise my voice several times in the conference, what I received was completely different were totally different.

While some people actually commented on my English speaking skill (but they were very constructive criticism), none of them mentioned my outlook. Instead, they praised me on how I had the courage to speak up in my first MUN conference. While I knew part of the reasons was to cheer me up, I was still very happy. My efforts got recognized.

Later, as my performance got better, I received more and more positive feedback. More importantly, no one talked about how terrible I looked during the conference (YEAH). That once again reinforced my belief that no matter who you are, people will see you based on what you do. Walking into the conference as a boring guy with terrible hair, I walked out as an excited (still boring) man with numerous feedback written on my placard.

3/ MUN is hella fun af

Cannot agree more.

While it is true that you may be overwhelmed the formality of MUN conference, it is actually hella enjoyable. Once you overcome that difficulty, you can start to enjoy every single thing. From having fun argument with fellow delegates to making some inside jokes/memes, you can certainly expect many wonderful things to entertain.

Also, another thing that I find interesting is that outside the conference, everyone can just put aside all the tension in the conference room and have very nice chitchat. It’s like while ten minutes ago we were arguing intensively and now everyone is enjoying tasty teabreak together.

Moreover, after every MUN I always befriend a number of wonderful people, It is such a fortune that I had the chance to meet and still keep in touch with a few of them.

In conclusion, Model United Nations had such a great impact on my life. It brought me both wonderful and terrible experience. I learnt a lot on the way. I cannot express how grateful I am.

This may be the end of my favorite series. I am a little busy so new posts would not come out soon. However, I promise that the wait is worth it. Stay tuned!


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