Hi everyone, it’s K here. After finishing the last chapter of the series “HOW TO CRACK THE VIETNAMESE BIOLOGY OLYMPIAD” , I am quite exhausted to be honest. It is by far one of the things that I really invested a lot into, my time, my effort, my experience,… Hence, it would be quite difficult to get back to the normal track, I still need time to think of new ideas for this blog. That being said, I am not gonna let you wait for such a long time for nothing. I decided to write about Model United Nations (MUN), one of (if not the best) extracurricular activities that I have ever had the chance to participate in. Were you looked forward to a summer activity to dedicate your time and soul to, check this one.

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Note: Specifically for MUN, I shall write this post solely in English. Acknowledging the fact that the whole platform and its activities are all in English, I find it much more comfortable using this language.

First of all, what is MUN (Model United Nations), well as the name may suggest, MUN is an extracurricular activity simulating the real meetings at the United Nations. During the conference, participants would have the chance to discuss international issues, debate with other delegates and work together to come up with solutions for global problems.

Sound boring, right. It is like a common definition you can find anywhere on the Internet. Not in my post! Join me through my MUN journey, and I will tell you what MUN means to me.

It all started 2 years ago. At that time, I just finished my first year at high school and won the Gold medal at the traditional April 30th Olympics. To be honest, at first, I had no intention to attend MUN or any summer activity. All I wanted were to chill and study for the upcoming Vietnam Biology Olympiad (VBO). However, life is just unpredictable. My mom made me go somewhere in the summer cause she did not let me become a nerd (thou I am still a nerd anyway). I looked for something interesting, and simultaneously, one of my friend told me about an activity called Model UN. Initially, I was like : “What the heck is Model UN? Is it a politics thing, I don’t want to be involved in politics.” Regardless of that initial thought, I still join cause I did not want to make my mom sad, and by the way, I had tons of free time so why don’t give it a shot.

I signed up for a local MUN in my province. Although it was still relatively new, that MUN rocked ( I won’t go into details cause my words cannot express its wholesomeness). Back to my story, during my first two hours at that MUN, I realized how stupid and reckless and I was. To be specific, I used to have a serious problem with public speaking. Due to a number of reasons, I was afraid that people would judge my outlook and badly criticize my speech. Hence, during my middle school years, I cannot even give a proper presentation in front of my class. The same thing happened at that MUN, I remained silent for the first two hours while people kept giving marvelous speeches. Oh, how stupid and thoughtless I was going to an event like this, I am gonna screw up everything.

Things then went in an unprecedented way. The chair of our committee (who was a nice and excellent human being) began to send me note to encourage me to speak up. Also, the guy sitting next to me, a senior MUNer (whom I respect a lot too), offered to support me as long as I am willing to share my voice. At that time, I felt like there was no other choice as I could not disappoint them. Hence, I sent a note to my chair to inform my willingness. He then added me to the speaker’s list, and so I had my first speech at MUN. It was terrible though. That being said, the chair still sent me another note telling that I had done a great job. Despite of the fact that it was just meant to cheer me up (I nearly screwed everything up), I was over the moon. It was like my speech was truly listened and praised for the first time in my life. Following that, some delegates also gave me several advice to improve my ability. They did not mention anything like how disastrous my performance was or how horrible I look (which was what I had expected lol). Woah, that’s emotional!

After that, I felt a little bit empowered. Though I was still unable to deliver powerful speeches ( I only talked for about 4,5 times during the rest of the conference) , I was much better than myself at the first two hours. In addition, our committees was fun af. Other delegates debated fiercely, it was both intense and exciting. There were also a number of shocking events ( I won’t mention them here). Just to know that, I really enjoyed everything happened there.

On the last day of the conference, the chair shared some of his thoughts. He really appreciated the contributions of the delegates for the conference, especially first-time MUNers as we had the courageousness to stand up and speak in our first attempt at MUN. He even shared his first experience as a delegate as he still made many mistakes at that time, just like us. Every first-time delegate is going to face the same problem. There are always the chairs and experienced delegates here who understand that problem the most, hence, they are very willing to help newbies as long as they dare to try. Keep practicing, attend more MUNs and your performance would increase a lot. Experienced delegates at my committee also had the same thoughts.

Then it came the prom night. I did not win any prize (expected lol =))) We partied crazily, danced like never before and indulged ourselves with delicious food. We even exchanged each other’s social media account to keep in touch later. One of the best memories I ever had.

Sadly, every party has to come to an end. Even though the even was just 3 days, it really meant a lot to me. I met excellent people, had my first attempt at public speaking. More importantly, I, for the first time, realized that no matter who am I or how do I look, as long as I have the guts, there would be people who are willing to listen to you. Also, I fall to in love with MUN too.

I still kept in touch with several delegates at that committee. They were all wonderful people, far superior to me lol. After my first MUN, I was inspired to join more and get better as time goes. However, they will be in another part cause I am too lazy.

That’s all. Hope you enjoy this piece of writing. Also, stay tuned for part 2 when I go into details about my next MUNs.

MODEL UNITED NATIONS: Everything you need to know


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