Hi everyone, K is back. Before getting start with today’s post, I would like to inform that I had passed the interview round of a big MUN in Hanoi, one of the two I have the intention to attend. I really look forward to this summer, the last summer before college.

As you can guest, in today’s post, MUN-related contents are back. Following the previous two posts about the unique guide “How to survive your first mun – no-brainer edition”, here is its last chapter. I’m gonna share with you the final two things every first-time delegate should and have to know.

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6/ Remember to take a rest and go to sleep early if possible

One of the brutally honest facts about MUN conferences is that they are highly physically and mentally demanding. A typical MUN conference lasts for 3 days with approximately 2 sessions per day, except for the first day with the opening ceremony usually taking place in the morning. Each session takes you about 3 hours, so you are expected to spend roughly 6 hours in the conference room per day for 3 days straight. Moreover, that 6-hour spent is not a normal 6- hour. You are expected to debate and discuss international issues. Delegates are required to think critically, send notes, and draft numerous strategies. Everyone has to always keep attention to whatever happening in the committee. It is needless to say that both your physical and mental health would be seriously drained.

So what to do? Easy, take a break whenever it is possible and necessary. Grab something at tea break. Take a nap or just lie somewhere after the lunch break. Even some chit chat with your friends is a great help to relieve your stress. Try not to be overwhelmed by the constant flow of debate. Also, if you really wanted to have the best preparation, remember to go to bed early. Good sleep means a good new day. Otherwise, trust me, you would want nothing but falling asleep right in the middle of the conference on the day after.

In short, MUN can be really exhausting. Make sure to prepare and take chances to rest if it were appropriate.

7/ Pick the right MUN

Here it is, the last step to have a great first-MUN experience. Pick the right MUN for you. Whether your first MUN would be a memorable journey or a terrible experience depends a lot on your MUN of choice.

Deciding on your first ever MUN is a tricky task. It can be the one in your province or the most affordable MUN. It can also be the conference that the majority of your friends go to. However, if you wanted to choose the most suitable one, at least consider several important factors:

_ What are the committees and their topics? Do they suit you?

_ Is the conference of high quality? Can the guidebook successfully serve its role as a necessary support for delegates? Are the chairs capable of running the meeting smoothly?

_ In some cases, you might want to check whether that MUN is newbie-friendly. I do know some MUNs that aim directly toward beginners, they are pretty good choice.

You might wonder: “How da hell I am supposed to know all of them when I am just a newbie with no practical experience?” Well, just try to ask someone who has been to that MUN before. Not only they can answer your questions but they might give you useful advice on how to pass the application round.

To sum up, your first MUN plays an important role in your MUN career. It can largely affect your decision on whether to keep going to MUN or to quit after the first try. You first establish your background in MUN there. You learn a lot from that experience. Try your best to survive it. More than that, enjoy it cause you might never have the second chance.

This is the end of my unique guide “HOW TO SURVIVE YOUR FIRST MUN – NO-BRAINER EDITION”. Hope it can somehow facilitate your first attempt at this wonderful platform. Also, stay tuned for more MUN-related contents!


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