Hi everyone, K is back with the series “A MUN ODYSSEY”, my journey with Model United Nations (MUN). It took me quite a long time to write the second part of this series, “A BIG STEP”. Sorry if I made you wait too long. Now, let’s jump right into it.

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Note: This post contain a huge amount of information so I would divide it into 4 parts.

1/ After my first MUN

In the first part, I talked about my experience with my first MUN (which was amazing, that MUN rocks). The story shall continue.

As I entered the eleventh grade, it was such a fortune that the core team of that first MUN founded a MUN club in my school. Being filled with extreme passion for this platform, I immediately signed up. I joined the first mock MUN. This time, despite of many remaining problems, I had to say that I, in fact, spoke more. I even participated in arguing one or two potential solutions with other delegates. At the end of the day, the chair, while mentioning my flaws (yes of course), also praised me for my somewhat contribution to the conference.

While this might sound little to you, to me, what a step forward! From a shy boy silently sitting in the conference room, I was able to raise my voice, infrequently yet actively. Moreover, that Mock MUN was an occasion for me to meet a number of excellent delegates, some of them later became very helpful MUN partners.

Later on, though I could not join the second Mock MUN due to several reasons, I did go to a MUN simulation which was organized by another core team (not the one founded my first MUN and the MUN club). It was not a satisfying experience to be honest. Nevertheless, the simulation still played a crucial role in helping me to expand my network and most importantly, to prepare for the summer, the MUN season.

2/ The international MUN in Hanoi

Moving on to the summer, I took part in 3 MUNs, one in Hanoi and the other two in my city.

The first one was the MUN in Hanoi, it was actually a large-scale international MUN. This time I did a ton of research beforehand. For instance, I checked all the references in the guidebook, made a draft of issues I wanted to discuss in the meeting. I even thought of with several potential solutions to present with other delegates.

Thanks to that preparation, I was able to share my voice more, join more debate and protect my country stance. I could even write some parts of my bloc’s DR (which is something I had never done before). After all, well, I won the Outstanding Delegate prize. This was in fact, shocking to me as there were a number of extraordinary delegates in my council (some of them were whom I admire a lot). That being said, I would still take that as a kind of recognition for my improvement over the year.

So what did I learn from this occasion. First of all, the more you prepare, the better your performance. Second of all, as I engaged more in debating, I realized how exciting it could be. Imagine when you gave out an excellent agenda and successfully protect it, oddly satisfying! Your opponents have to accept your suggestion and take it into consideration. That feeling is just irresistible. MUN is just hella fun! Finally, the MUN community consists of a large number of wholesome human beings.

3/ Two local MUNs in my hometown

Coming back to my city, there were 2 MUNs left. Now, my experience was completely divided.

The first half, with the MUN that I had taken part in the previous year, was so enjoyable. I met a bunch of wholesome people. The debate was intense, yet, we had a boatload of fun. It was a bit sad that my bloc failed to realize our ultimate goal, but I am proud of what I have tried this time, participating intensively in protecting our DR (again, such an improvement for me). The prom night was amazing, we danced like never before and sang together. I won the Best Position Paper prize, which was quite reasonable as there were delegates performing much more better than me (and I though my position paper was good enough as I put quite the effort into it). I have never been that happy for such a long time. It was such a unforgettable memory.

Then it was followed by the next half, another MUN in my city. This thing, I had to say, in comparison to all of my previous MUNs, had the worst experience. The guidebook was unhelpful, most of the delegates did not participate actively (I won’t go into direct details, just that I regretted attending it a lot). However, this was, in reality, the MUN that I worked the hardest. I was one of the most talkative delegates in the discussion. I was extremely involved in writing our bloc’s DR and arguing for the benefit of my country. Our DR was successfully approved without much alters. I won the the Best Position Paper prize (the second time), got the chance to meet new people. However, in conclusion, it is something I could not see as a memorable one.

From these two instances, it made me realize that some MUNs were good while some MUNs were bad. Not all MUN can meet your expectations, what you can do is to try your best to make the best out of the bad situation. I have to say that partly thanks to the “bad MUN “, my skills have been increasingly trained and improved.

4/ Conclusion

To sum up, I went to 3 MUNs and 2 mock mun/simulation after my first MUN. Some were memorable, some were not. Nevertheless, what I saw was little steps, if sum up, would be a big step forward. From a little boy worrying about his outlook to a guy capable of talking nonstop to advocate his representative nation. Most importantly, the most remarkable change was in the inside. At first, I went to MUN to get rid of my inferiority complex about my physical appearance or public speaking; now, what I seek is the moments of joy and happiness in the conference when we argue with each other or when our DR is passed. I now see Model United Nations as a hobby, a thing to dedicate my soul to, rather than a tool to solve my own problems.

That’s all people, the second part of the series “A MUN ODYSSEY”. It is not the end yet! Stay tuned for more. See you all again!

I always did something I was a little not ready to do. I think ...
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