Hi everyone, it’s K here. Today I would love to share with you an educational, fascinating blog that you definitely don’t want to miss (not sponsored lmao).

First thing first, here is the link to the blog:


A close friend of mine created this blog three months ago, her personal project. So, what can you look for on this blog (IGF)?

1/ Personal writings : her own thoughts on various topics, ranging from personal incidents to social issues

2/ Digital flashcards: well-designed flashcards covering most if not all necessary knowledge for studying English, such as idioms, vocabulary,..

3/ Food and culture: fascinating cultural and culinary aspects of our hometown, Vietnam and numerous other nations in the world

Going through all of them, you may wonder “why I have to give a damn”. Here’s why you should and need to check out.

a) If you were to look for reliable sources to study English, don’t miss it. Studying English is in fact one of the most focused aspects of this page. Surfing through the blog, you can easily find a variety of posts regarding this particular topic, for example, synonyms or common English phrases. You don’t need to worry a lot about their qualities as the author does put a huge amount of efforts onto each of them. Also, the posts are creatively designed in order to help you both entertain and study at the same time. Studying English should not be boring.

b) If you were interested in thought-provoking ideas or amazing facts about the country of Vietnam as well as other nations, then don’t miss it. From racism during the pandemic to personal regrets, from Vietnamese cuisine to South Korea’s army base stew, you would be impressed by things you may come across. There is even a list of YouTube recommendations that I’m sure you would never regret checking out. Too bored with your life, give it a shot.

c) This girl is so damn dedicated to her project. Well, as you may know, I am somewhat an impromptu writer, the frequency of my posts is just unpredictable. If I were to feel like I want to write, then I write. If I were not, then ‘Netflix and chill”. On the other hand, this girl is working very hard to build a solid community. She tries as hard as possible to have at least 2-3 posts per week, yet, they are still high-quality posts. She attempts to diversity her content to make her blog more accessible. She invests so much time in this blog even when she has tons of things to worry about. I really admire her, both as a friend and a blogger.

Despite several drawbacks, for instance, the fact that not all posts receive positive feedback or several topics are quite controversial, this blog certainly deserves recognition. Over time, it will certainly get better. I have a strong belief in the author, a truly extraordinary girl, a rising blogger, a person going all-in in everything she involved.

So if you had the time, click into the link, check her posts and remember to follow the account.

p/s: a picture of the author of the mentioned blog


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